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Uno Logistica International Lojistik Limited Sirketi

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About Us

Powerful Features of Transporterium company

Uno Logistica is a trusted and experienced provider of smart solutions related to ocean freight forwarding, rail services, and domestic logistics, including warehousing and delivery. Our headquarters is located in turkey ,where the process begins to optimize and customize supply chain solutions across our global network, spanning six continents. As a service focused company, we provide our customers with a highly flexible approach to supply chain management for standard ocean shipping, project cargo (including RO/RO & foreign-to-foreign cargo), and domestic logistics that is designed to meet any complex transportation needs with exceptional affordable pricing options. Our dedicated and experienced professionals always Providing advanced customer-specific solutions.


Get to know Uno Logistica services

The foundation of the business consists of services such as international freight forwarding (by air or ocean ), contract logistics (such as warehousing), and transportation (such as trucking). These services can act as standalone products or as part of our broader offering as a supply chain provider.

With the core supply chain elements in place, uno Logistica designs, implements, and manages supply chains specific to global industry markets or user solutions for more complex transportation models.
Above all else we focus on developing strong relationships with our customers to ensure their long-term success.

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